Automotive Pop Quiz

TL:DR — Honda cut, Ford hesitates on, and Mercedes starts production.
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Automotive Pop Quiz

✄ 🏭 Honda will cut September output by up to 40% in Japan. Because:

A. To boost the value by limiting the supply 
Supply Chain Disruption
Alien Invasion 

Yes, it is the supply chain again. B is correct.  

💶 🏃Ford has backed off its planned production investment in Spain. The company says it will continue work at the Valencia plant, but the application for 106m euros of pandemic relief funds has been withdrawn, while Ford:

A. Focus on creating a custom engine sound for the Mustang Mach-E
Revise their outlook for Europe
Expands into soccer team ownership

Yeah, it's B. After recent layoffs, the company is still working to determine the best way to adapt to EV production. 

🇺🇸 ⚡️ Mercedes started production of its first US-made electric crossover. The new Alabama EV plant is one of 7 spread across three continents and will produce 100,000 EVs next year. Which is:

A. 100% of the company's EV production
. 33% of the company's EV production
. 4% of the company's EV production

That's right, at about 305k, 2023's expected EVs will be one-third produced in the Alabama plant. It's B. Are you Surprised?

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