What’s Up?

Fisker, Ford, Kia, and Uber.
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What’s Up?

Fisker's Dealerships Expansion

Fisker shifts gears, embracing dealerships to accelerate its electric voyage across the US, Canada, and Europe!

  • 🚗 Model Makeover: Fisker adapts its sales approach, planning to partner with up to 50 dealer locations in the US, Canada, and Europe to bolster its distribution network.
  • 🌍 Global Grasp: Despite delivering only 4,700 Ocean SUVs out of 10,000 due to constraints, Fisker's new dealership partnerships aim to widen its reach and enhance customer access.
  • 🔄 Industry Trend: Joining the ranks of Lucid and Polestar, Fisker embraces a hybrid sales model, merging direct-to-consumer with traditional dealerships to navigate the competitive EV market landscape.

It seems like, just maybe, everybody’s business thrives when everybody’s business thrives. #Collaboration

Ford's 2023 Sales

Ford Motors is ahead with a 7.1% surge in U.S. sales, though it's a bumpy ride compared to the industry's faster lane.

  • 📈 Solid Surge: Ford reports nearly 2 million vehicles sold in 2023, marking its best performance since 2020 but trailing the industry's 12.3% growth.
  • Electric Edge: Electric vehicle sales jumped 18%, with the F-150 Lightning leading the charge, as Ford embraces a future fueled by electricity.
  • 🏆 Unrivaled Reign: For the 47th year, the Ford F-Series maintains its throne as America's best-selling truck, reflecting enduring consumer loyalty and product strength.

You know what they say FORD stands for, right? "Finally Outta ‘Rona's Dip." Ok, sure, nobody has ever said that but it may catch on!

Italy & France's Electrifying Moves

Europe's gearing up for an electric revolution from Rome to Paris with hefty investments and record sales.

  • 🇮🇹 Italy's Billion-Euro Boost: Aiming to shake off its old, polluting cars, Italy is investing €930 million to incentivize citizens towards cleaner, electric options.
  • 🇫🇷 France's Electric Surge: With EVs claiming a 17% market share and total electric drive at 26%, France sees a 16.1% spike in overall vehicle sales, reshaping subsidies to foster a greener future.
  • 💸 Subsidy Strategies: Both nations are tweaking financial aids, with Italy targeting lower-income groups and France adjusting subsidies to favor eco-friendly, locally produced models.

Between them, Switzerland is awfully quiet. Must not want to take sides just yet.

Kia VS. Kia Boyz Pt. 102

Kia hopes to deter the notorious 'Kia Boys' with new ignition cylinder protectors and warning decals for cars vulnerable to viral theft methods!

  • 🛡️ Protector & Decal Duo: Kia sends ignition cylinder protectors and window decals to owners ineligible for software updates, aiming to discourage thieves.
  • 🚗 Vast Coverage: The initiative targets various models, including popular makes like Sportage, Forte, and Soul, enhancing their security.
  • 📢 Awareness Campaign: By affixing vehi cles with decals post-installation, Kia signals enhanced theft protection, deterring potential criminals at a glance.

Hey, if we're using stickers to fight car theft, let's just give gold stars to people who don't steal cars. Seems to work in kindergarten.

Uber Freight & Greenlane

Uber Freight and Greenlane are teaming up to pave the way for cleaner skies with a network of electric truck charging stations!

  • Charging Ahead: Partnering to invest $650 million, they'll focus on Southern California and Texas for the initial rollout of charging stations for commercial trucks.
  • 🌐 Strategic Placement: Using Uber Freight's logistics data, the duo will pinpoint prime locations for new stations, optimizing the network for efficiency and accessibility.
  • 🚚 Sustainable Shipping: This collaboration aims to boost the adoption of Heavy-Duty Battery Electric Vehicles, driving down emissions and revolutionizing goods transportation.

Long recharge times would be an intuitive way to enforce mandatory truck driver break times. You know, like the opposite of putting No-Doze pills in your Monster energy drink.

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