Auto Dealers Making Positivity Louder

Dealer Employees

Leading The Charge

David Long, Founder of the Pandemic of Positivity and Executive GM at Hansel Auto Group, is consistently pushing us and the dealer body to carry positivity, kindness, love, and compassion into our workplaces and communities. It is his care for this industry that drives us to share these stories

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Our Mission

We want to champion the dealers and dealer employees that are making an impact daily, both in their organizations and in their communities. If you know someone that is exhibiting positivity in their community, make sure and share it with us so we can let more people know!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this for dealers?

YES! ASOTU exists to be an organization that produces content with one goal, the strengthening of retail auto dealers and their communities. The stories you will share and hear aren’t ideas, they are actions.

What kind of stories?

From community outreach to new dealer processes to employee resourcing, we are looking to hear about the amazing things dealers are doing across the country.

Whether you or someone you know is doing something to impact the community around you, we want to reach out and provide the industry with your story.

How Will This Be Shared?

We have multiple ways in which we share stories.

Depending on the story and timeframe, this content could find its way to any mixture of email newsletters, articles, social media, podcasts, and live streams.

Can I remain Annonymous?

Sure! However, we love it when community is shared and people are uplifted together. Your part in this story, whether direct or indirect, is important

Do I need to write the story?

The more we know, the better. You can write as much or as little as you want, but don't worry about perfection.

We have a team of writers and content producers ready to learn and push out the stories you share with us!

How many Stories Can I Submit?

Bring. Them. ALL!