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3.75 Miles An Hour With West Herr

Tragically, 27 people perished in the blizzard. Thanks to people like the team at West Herr looking out for one another, that number isn’t much larger.
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3.75 Miles An Hour With West Herr

In case you missed it, it is cold outside.

Like, really, really cold.

A 27-hour power outage at the Vive Shelter in Buffalo, NY, was resolved by our friends at West Herr Auto Group and a payloader they found.

They used the sizable tractor-type machine and succeeded where pickups and other 4-wheel drives failed. They dragged generators and fuel for 4 hours through 15 miles of blizzard to get power back to the shelter.

By Monday, main power was restored for the shelter's 150 residents and additional families who found refuge in the building during the worst of the storm.

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