A Little Update On The State Of US EV Charging

TL; DR - 80% of EV charging will be at home, but companies, cities, and the president are focusing hard on that other 20%
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A Little Update On The State Of US EV Charging
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Charging anxiety keeps popping up in conversations about EV adoption and ICE bans. Dominion Energy has 2-acres in Richmond, Virginia, which may set some minds at ease.

The company will construct a 28-station clean energy park for people to charge their cars (and enjoy greenery while they wait). The city block-sized site will be powered by solar and wind power, and have batteries to store energy for later use.

While large-scale charging efforts like these may be part of the future, an expected 80% of charging will take place at home and work for most EV owners.

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Public charging stations are currently outnumbered by gas stations by nearly 3-to-1. Around 53K public charging stations house about 140K chargers. There are 145K gas stations.

Infrastructure is improving across the country. The Biden Administration has given 35 states early approval for $900M over the next five years as part of the National electric vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program. A goal of 50% zero-emission vehicles by 2030 will require state-level investments in charging.

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Of course, private companies are also getting in on the lightning rush (A name we just made up for investing in charging tech that vaguely references the Gold Rush).

LG Energy Solutions announced a goal of producing 540GWh by 2025. That is enough to charge 6.75M EVs to travel about 310 miles. AKA: 2,092,500,000 miles of sweet, sweet lightning.

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