Accident, Stock Slips, and Semis

This looks like a down week for Tesla. Just like “what goes up must come down,” we like to remember, “What goes down could bounce back (OR shatter instantly on impact).” It’s really anybody’s guess.
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Accident, Stock Slips, and Semis

Ok, welcome back to Tesla Tuesday, where we give you the Tesla headlines without allowing our daily email to be completely taken over by Elon Musk's antics!

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Autopilot, Tesla's Full-Self Driving software, is taking the blame for an 8-car pileup in California on Thanksgiving. The accident adds to the list of incidents in a federal investigation.

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Market value of the company has taken a few hits. Softening demand concerns following increased discounts in the US saw the stock price drop nearly 9%. The value is down 70% for the year.

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One truck driver on Twitter has written up an unflattering review of Tesla's semi. Many criticisms can be summarized as the design is more "Rich boy's toy" than designed with practical work or workers in mind.

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On a more electrifying note, Tesla confirmed they are producing enough new 4680 battery cells for over 1,000 cars a week. Nearly 900K cells are required for the 1K cars.

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