Advancing Searchability Strategies with Troy Spring

Sometimes when you search for something, you want to find it…ok fine, all the time.
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Advancing Searchability Strategies  with Troy Spring

CEO/Founder at Dealer World LLC, Troy Spring, shared advanced lead strategies from paid searches, Facebook, and SEO. He explained "advanced strategies" to not mean technically complicated, just better. Focusing on the next better way to do things will lead to simpler, more profitable, and more sustainable practices for producing success. 

Think beyond basic keywords. 

Consider ways to appear to customers searching at different buying/selling funnel points. Are they browsing brands, looking up trade-in values, or maybe deciding which vehicle will meet a specific need your inventory matches well?

Consider what is already being searched for but not used by your competitors. 

High search volume + Nobody already using it = profit

No cookie cutter copy.

Be original but simple when writing information for customers. Unique language leads to better search optimization. 

Modernize landing pages.

The simplicity and people-focused imagery on sites like Carvana and Carmax help customers imagine their auto deal as easier. Many of the features offered by these sites are entirely replicable by dealerships, but dealers miss a powerful and focused first impression.  

Leads are assets.

Not all leads are immediately convertible. Some need to be worked and reminded for weeks or months before a customer decides the time is right for them, but time spent keeping up with that customer will keep you in mind when the time comes. 

Leads only die if we neglect them.

Many people are starting their car shopping online. Being visible helps them find you, providing a simple experience invites them to submit a lead, and working that lead well will become a conversion. 

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