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All Things Used Cars

David Long and the All Things Used Cars community talk Buy Centers! 🎙
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All Things Used Cars

In case you don't know yet, David Long's All Things Used Cars is a weekly conversation on Clubhouse that brings people from all over the industry together to talk about improving their used car business.

Finding, appraising, buying, reconditioning, marketing, selling - the community talks about every part of building and maintaining a strong used car business, which is key to weathering any storm in the new car business. (How is the UAW strike going by the way?)

ASOTU sponsors and supports each room, and we grab the highlight notes so you start your Monday morning with a rapid-fire dose of encouraging insights that could make a difference in your week.

Here are some of the main themes explored in last week's conversation.

  1. Stay Disciplined: Like sticking to a diet but for cars. Have a plan, follow it!
  2. Train Your Squad: Think of it as "Car Bootcamp". More know-how = more sales.
  3. Stay Positive, Be Flexible: Start the day bright and be ready to dance to the market's beat.
  4. Know Your Numbers: Metrics are your treasure map. Quality leads over spammy ones, always.
  5. Dive into Digital: Surf platforms like Kelley Blue Book and Facebook. The more, the merrier!
  6. Be the Customer Whisperer: Understand them, comfort their worries, and be their go-to car guru.
  7. Stand Out from the Crowd: Quick payments, unique offers – make them an offer they can't refuse!
  8. Keep it Smooth: Think of it as car dating - make selling their car to you a smooth ride.
  9. Chat Up & Follow Up: Speedy replies and a lil' nudge now and then keep things rolling.
  10. Shop Smart: Buy wisely, and keep those purse strings tight but right.

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And be sure YOU don’t miss David Long’s All Things Used Cars live from ASOTU CON 2023!

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