NADA 2023

An Overhead Look At Cirrus Aircraft

Maybe someday, our cars will be planes, and our planes will be spaceships.
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An Overhead Look At Cirrus Aircraft

We asked Gavin Black with Cirrus Aircraft what he and his team were telling the auto world at NADA, and he said that it is easier to get into flying than people think.

"Despite perceptions," he stated, "you can learn to fly the Cirrus in 6 months. For example, 25% of Cirrus' sales last year were to brand-new pilots."

We noticed that the Cirrus looked pretty fancy, even for a private plane, and asked about its features. Gavin told us that it is the most technologically advanced private plane available to date, from its dual-screen cockpit system to the rocket-propelled parachute system that has saved over 200 people since the 90s.

It will run between $800K and $1.2M and get about 1000 miles between refuels.

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