Troublemaker Tuesday

Auto Collabs: Jim McKelvey

Highlights— "Innovation is typically hindsight." "I don't want to be original, I want to be successful." “Every time humanity has advanced forward it is by somebody who was not qualified.” “We can Youtube our way out of problems.” “You don’t get a guarantee if you are doing something new.”
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Auto Collabs: Jim McKelvey

There is no map to success, but if there was one, it might look something like Jim McKelvey's career. His commitment to innovation has taken impossible odds, like playing king of the hill when Amazon threatened his startup, Square, and turned them into object lessons for entrepreneurs in any business looking to stay relevant in any business sector. 

Kyle, Paul, and Michael spoke with Jim and, as you may imagine, got their time's worth and then some. Check out the full episode and subscribe to Auto Collabs for more!

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