Automotive Ventures September Intel Report

It was “The Price is Right” rules, if I went one word over they were going to give my car away. -Chris
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Automotive Ventures September Intel Report

Automotive Venture's monthly Intel Report would be impossible to condense into a quick email summary, right? Yes, but let's see how far Chris gets in 100 words. 

Of course, for a complete picture of Steve Greenfield's thoughts on "The Future of Automotive Retail", you could buy his new book or come see him at ASOTU CON

100 words. Several interesting things landed on the risk matrix. Coming in above 40% for probability and consequences are several factors that may interfere with vehicle serving, such as "Over The Air" update and the still uncharted territory of EVs.

The ongoing agency model talk by OEMs is not the most immediate threat but also not going away. This change could suddenly reframe the entire Automaker - Dealer - Customer relationship.  

Big movers in the mobility world had a dramatic August, with Uber up $10.9B and Tesla down $67.5B as the most significant changes. 

Eight words left... Read it for yourself, friends!

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