Baby On Board

The not too distant future — “Yeah I was born in the parking lot of the hospital, I guess I was eager to party!” -Somebody about to have their story one-upped.
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Baby On Board

The plane made its final descent into warm Pensacola air. People bound for Orlando from Denver were possibly a little more understanding than most about the sudden changes in travel plans. The plane was landing with one more passenger than it had upon takeoff. 

While in the air, an expecting mother asked for assistance reaching the plane lavatory, where the flight attendant, Diane Giraldo, helped safely deliver a healthy baby. The plane made an early stop to hand the happy family off to waiting EMTs before continuing to Orlando. 

Captain Chris Nye expressed great pride in the efforts to care for the family, saying Diana, his first officer, and dispatch all played vital roles in the successful delivery. 

The baby's full name has not been made public, but her mother saw fit to share her middle name - Sky.

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