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Back to Basics PT.2 With All Things Used Cars

The note we cannot share is the energy in these conversations. There is a community of experienced and intelligent people investing in the success of people who, by other industry standards, would be considered competitors to be defeated. It's good times; we hope you join if you have not already.
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Back to Basics PT.2 With All Things Used Cars

Great companies and athletes alike always keep sight of the basics. Chances are some basics fell out of focus while profits have been high, but with a possible recession on the horizon, David Long and the All Things Used Cars community turned their attention to recession-proofing their business by sharing these essentials some may overlook.

The full replay of part 2 and set a reminder for Part 3 on Clubhouse

Step Zero. What narrative are you subscribing to? Check your attitude, check out energy, and check your approach. Almost any process will work for you if your focus is in the right place. Don't "Recession Prove" when you are trying to be recession-proof.

Re-Engage with customers. Did somebody come to your service lane months ago with a vehicle you want in your inventory? Call them up and make an offer. Worst case, they say "no," and you can clean up your CRM.

Be personal. Make videos. Show off what is special. Youtube Shorts is a newer feature on the platform that offers a low-barrier way to engage with your customers organically that shows your team's personality.

Step Zero (Part 2?). Make sure the inventory is ready. Where are the keys? Is the car clean? How's the battery? Where is it parked?

Control what you can control. Aged inventory will bleed your profits dry. Aged inventory will bleed you dry. Tell yourself the truth about each car on day one so you can move it appropriately.

"A story told is a car sold." Don't just list features; tell stories. When showing a car to a customer, see the person and connect the features to their story. Practice during lot walks.

Evacuation Factor = Job security. You aren't done teaching your team when you've said something. Don't be repetitive, but remember your job as the leader is to keep people's minds on the vision and how to make it come true.

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