BMW Announces New Subscription Features

Honestly, if this worked backward, it would do a lot for affordability issues. “How much can I save if I don’t want windows? Ok, cool… and what about passenger seats?”
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BMW Announces New Subscription Features

BMW has announced some more subscription-based features. A few follow the trend of locking prominent features behind paywalls, while others offer a new take on existing concepts.

  • Remote Engine Start has been around for a while across brands. Now you can start yours remotely for a fee. Or just ask your kids to go start the car and accomplish the same thing.
  • Drive Recorder does exactly that, records your drive with onboard cameras. Add a soundtrack, and *POW* you're a filmmaker.
  • Traffic Camera warns drivers about fixed or mobile speed cameras, which doesn't play into any BMW owner stereotypes.
  • Driving Assistance Plus with Stop&Go keeps you shuffling ahead in traffic without fender benders in the front or angry honks in the back. Precisely like a mullet.
  • Parking Assistance Professional parks the car for you, but unlike its non-professional counterparts, it will park the car hood first. A problem we didn't even know existed or needed a solution!

Most features have monthly, yearly, 3-year, and outright ownership prices except Traffic Camera, which must be paid for by the $25 month.

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