BMW, Audi, and Stellantis

TL; DR - BMW eyes the agency model, Audi puts video games in eye-wear, and Stellantis dries its eyes and says things are getting better.
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BMW, Audi, and Stellantis
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BMW plans to begin online direct-to-consumer sales soon. The Mini will be available online in 2024, with other BMW models following in 2026.

The company says they are in talks with its dealers but did not share the nature of the talks or hint at the dealer network's place in the online model.

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Audi wants to put a $700 VR rig in your passenger seat. The Holoride system will work with 2023 Audi or newer to enjoy Netflix, YouTube, games, or one of the AR features in the system.

To avoid motion sickness, the system uses GPS and gyro data to move the virtual environment to match the rider's physical experience.

inflation vs rocks meme

Stellantis says raw material inflation should ease next year. The inflated prices persisting from the Covid pandemic should lower as raw material catches and surpasses the backlog of demand.

The reduction in material costs should bring down prices across the industry. You know, if no new disruptions fall out of the sky.

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