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Wouldn’t it be great if all our power needs were solved by the dirt in our front yard tomorrow? We don’t see it going down like that, but hey, gardening is fun.


Dirt Power

You can't squeeze blood from a stone, but apparently, you can get electricity from the dirt.

Some researchers at Northwestern University have pioneered a fuel cell technology that extracts electricity from soil microbes, presenting a sustainable and virtually inexhaustible energy source.

Not for EVs (yet). This microbial fuel cell, detailed in a January study, could power low-energy devices, significantly cutting down on toxic battery waste and environmental degradation. Unlike conventional batteries that rely on harmful chemicals, this eco-friendly alternative leverages the natural electron flow from bacteria and fungi in the soil. 🍄

“Shock” Rock

Even saying the word "Metallica" smells a little like a diesel-burning motorcycle, but the band is actually hitting the road in new tour vehicles powered by BEV and hydrogen tech.

The band is going all in on an eco-friendly initiative, starting with a 14-show tour across Europe and eventually including a unique concert in Antarctica.

We expect Lars will still lose his shirt at some point.

Fisker Vs. YouTube, Debt, and also Fisker?

Fisker has been talking about bankruptcy and adjustments a lot lately, but it seems they can't plan their way out of some of their problems.

  • A tech YouTuber named Marques Brownlee critiqued the Fisker Ocean as the "worst car I've ever tested," citing significant issues despite its attractive design.
  • Fisker's attempt to delay the review until a major software update could be implemented did not sway Brownlee, who highlighted problems like random blank buttons and unclear solar panel charge status.
  • Following the review, Fisker's stock price plummeted by 50%, exacerbating its financial troubles.

To add injury to injury, the EV maker just announced it has to halt production for six weeks because it is unable to pay its interest payment.

  • The company will sell convertible notes in an effort to raise $150M.
  • They delivered 1,300 units so far this year and have about $200M in inventory.
  • The company has been in talks with Nissan about investment options, which could lead to the adoption of a traditional dealership model.

Price Cut and Paste

Tesla, who invented cutting EV prices, is jacking up the price of its Model Y. Starting April 1st, what we are calling the "April Fools Sale," will undo some of the company's recent price cuts in the U.S. following similar increases in Europe.

All In Favor?

The UAW is taking another swing at a VW plant in TN. The union filed paperwork needed to hold an election following 4,100 workers in the Tennessee plant signing union cards in the last 3 months.

As the UAW looks to bring more auto workers into its numbers, they are specifically targeting foreign-owned companies operating in the U.S.

Vietnam and Beyond

VinFast didn't get the memo, and instead of adopting Tesla's charging standard and calling it a day, it launched its own V-Green global EV charging brand. They will invest about $400M over two years, starting in Vietnam with VinFast models but expanding to new regions and to include new models over time.


Tesla is really in a good spot right now. Companies like Fisker are counting their days, while huge names like Ford, GM, and Toyota are reevaluating their push into the EV market or maintaining a healthy orbit.

Of course, they’re all playing their own game. So, as long as they feel better today than they did yesterday, that’s success, right? Right…?

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