Business News: UAW, ZEEKR, Tesla, Honda

A quick look at some updates from the industry's move makers.
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Business News: UAW, ZEEKR, Tesla, Honda

UAW Update


  • Ford & GM: Accusations fly about stalling EV battery plant discussions, resulting in expanded strikes.
  • Q3 US Vehicle Sales: Rise, but UAW strikes might hinder future growth for Detroit's big three.
  • Mack Trucks: Crisis averted with a tentative deal, as UAW echoes the US labor movement's goals in wage discussions.

The big three can A. Make a deal with the UAW and invest more money in their labor, or B. Avoid agreeing with the UAW and build/sell fewer cars, thus making less money to invest. Seems this conversation isn't about money since delaying could be the more costly option.

ZEEKR's West Mid-East Expansion

“Solar powered cars in the desert” Midjourney/ASOTU

  • New Markets: ZEEKR announces EV sales in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain.
  • Global Presence: 100,000+ EVs produced in 18 months and planning EU expansion.
  • Delivery News: Middle East deliveries to kick off in Q1 2024.

ICE vehicles in oil-producing regions make a ton of sense, but so do solar-backed electric cars in a place constantly bombarded by the sun.

Tesla's Latest News


  • Cybertruck: Delayed beyond Q3 2023.
  • Semi: Travels 1,000+ miles in one day, breaking long-haul electric trucking doubts.
  • Model Y: The updated Model Y in China has enhanced features but the same price.

You just never know what Tesla will do next - break a record, release an update, open a factory, delay the Cybertruck (well, actually, we could guess that one).

Honda's N-Van e


  • Specifications: 130-mile range, tailored for both business and personal.
  • Features: Powers your home during emergencies and offers ample space.
  • Launch: Debut in Japan scheduled for next spring.


It's cute of them to assume folks buying apartment-sized vans have houses they need a backup battery for. #VanLife

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