Buying and Bandits

OEMs: “Dealers need to invest in charging stations to offer an alternative to private companies.” Dealers: “What part of this $1M is the budget for a security guard?”
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Buying and Bandits

Shell USA will pay $169M for the EV charging network, Volta. The deal will complete by mid-year and transfer ownership of 3050 charging stations across 31 US states and Europe to Shell. Shell's press release suggests another 3,400 stalls are to come.

Bandit alert. Apparently, thieves are targeting EV charging stations for the sweet-sweet copper inside. Despite a small return on the "investment," thieves have hit the same charging stations twice in one Seattle community.

Station operators pay around $2,500 to repair one station when this occurs. We wonder how much those little cameras they hide in ATMs cost...

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