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Charging Comes To Marshfield

Town motto idea - “Marshfield, Wisconsin: Where you can recharge your car AND yourself”
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Charging Comes To Marshfield
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🔌🔋Wheelers Family Auto Group in Marshfield, Wisconsin, are the proud owners of their first 2 EV chargers.

🥇🥇Not just their first 2 EV chargers but GM's first two dealer-based chargers.

📈🌎The Dealer Community Charging Program will install 40K chargers across North America.

🌳🏢Using the existing and robust dealer network as a foundation, GM will expand its charging ecosystem to "underserved rural and urban communities."

💪💰Co-owners Mary Jo Wheeler-Schueller and Daniel Wheeler have purchased another 3 chargers to assist people commuting through Marshfield.

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