Charging: Ups, Downs, and All Arounds

ICYMI, there's lots going on with EV charging.
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Charging: Ups, Downs, and All Arounds

JD Power Survey: EV Charging Woes 😿
JD Power reveals a decline in public EV charging satisfaction. While Tesla Superchargers shine, others lag. Concerns include lengthy charge times and failed charging sessions. As many adopt Tesla's tech, will satisfaction improve? 👎⛽️😬

Ford CEO's EV Charging Experience 🙄
Jim Farley shares his challenges with EV charging during his F-150 Lightning journey on X (ex-Twitter). It spotlights the hurdles non-Tesla EV users face. With Ford eyeing Tesla's Supercharger network in 2024, hope for a smoother EV journey is on the horizon. 🛻⛈️🤷

CATL's Revolutionary Battery 🏃‍♀️
CATL revealed its "Shenxing Superfast Charging Battery." It offers a stunning 248-mile charge in just 10 minutes. Utilizing advanced tech, it ensures rapid charging, even in colder weather. Anticipate a significant boost in 2024's EV lineup! 🐇🔋⏲️

Comcast Enters EV Arena 🤼‍♀️
Comcast's Smart Solutions is partnering with NovaCharge, venturing into EV charging. Property owners with Comcast ties can now merge EV chargers into their setups. A fusion of modern solutions and advanced technology. Is this the evolution of connected infrastructure? 📺⚡️🚗

Texas Backs Tesla's Charging Tech 🤠
Despite resistance, Texas mandates Tesla's EV charging tech for businesses eyeing federal funding. Texas, the top beneficiary of a $5B electrification initiative, is under scrutiny by other states. Elon Musk envisions a universal U.S. charging protocol, but will Tesla's method become the norm? Only time will provide the answer. 👩‍⚖️🔌🤑

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