Checking in on Chips

So to borrow a scientific term, only time will tell, but things currently look kinda sus, y’all.
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Checking in on Chips

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👷🏭 The US is working to boost Chip production and limit the number of chips going to China.

📈🔍 However, the gap between US manufacturing's 12% of global chip production and self-sufficiency is, to borrow a scientific term, really big, y’all.

🏝🌏 Currently, East Asia produces about 75% of global chips, mainly in Taiwan. To borrow again from our scientist friends, Taiwan is currently a box of bees everybody hopes nobody kicks.

😕❓ One subject matter expert told CNN that while manufacturing is going up, the data is all mixed together. High-value semiconductor chips and simple chips are being counted as bulk growth. However, these improvements are not actually meeting the needs of the global shortage that has given automotive manufacturing a hard time.

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