China Also Does Not Approve 👎

TL:DR — “If you can’t handle me at my sell-batteries-in-your-country, you don’t deserve me at my create-most-of-the-world-automotive-parts.” -China, maybe
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China Also Does Not Approve 👎

Last week we included a story about the EU trade commissioner having a few thoughts about the US's new EV tax credit rules. Today we woke up and found China also has some thoughts about being economically cut out of US automotive production. 

Shots fired❓ A Chinese ambassador warned that proceeding with the new standards would harm both nations' interests and upset the deeply intertwined global supply chain. 

Shots fired❗ In a more concrete claim, the ambassador said China would cut the US from the Chinese auto market, meaning American brands would lose access to the world's largest market if the parties do not identify and agree to some compromises.

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