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China Makin' It Rain

Oh, look, another intervention in the natural cycle of things that will definitely not have any repercussions down the road. ⛈
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 China Makin' It Rain

We recently wrote about factory stoppages in China caused by the hottest and driest summer since the country started keeping track 60 years ago. While the country considers closing factories for another week or more, others are watching the sky. 

👽Watching the sky? Is this story about aliens? A record drought threatens the autumn grain harvest in the country. To protect the harvest, which accounts for three-quarters of their annual total, scientists plan to seed clouds with chemicals to increase rain. A second chemical is used on the crops to limit evaporation. 

🥼But there will be lots of tests and such first, right? The plan is expected to take place soon, even if details are not being made public. Experts say the next ten days are crucial for resisting damage to the crop.

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