Chip War, Spotify, and Artifact

TL: DR - A book about chips, more people are using Spotify, and a new app may finally free the ASOTU writing team from ever visiting Reddit.
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Chip War, Spotify, and Artifact

📖💻🌎 Chip War is a book by international history professor Chris Miller about geopolitics through the lens of the global microchip market. The book does not explicitly cover the impact of chips on auto manufacturing, but does provide an insightful look at the broader industry. 

🎶🎤📈 Spotify shares jumped 9% following positive 2022 numbers. CEO Daniel Ek says that despite getting carried away with podcast and audiobook content investments, gross margins improved throughout the year. The company will slow investments but continue user growth. By the end of Q1, it claims it will reach 500M listeners. 

📰📱🤖 Artifact is a new app that merges articles, facts, and AI. The next-gen personalized news feed opened its public waiting list today. The app will learn what the user is interested in and generate a TikTok-style scrollable feed for text-based content.

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