NADA 2024

Day Two

That's a wrap on Day Two at the NADA Show 2024!
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5 Minutes of Fresh Perspective

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Day Two

Geoffrey Pohanka’s Perspective


Everyone eagerly gathered to listen to Geoffrey Pohanka, NADA 2023 Chairman, spill the tea on the dealership scene.

Geoff got down to the nitty-gritty about how everything's changing fast, with electric cars, new ways of selling cars directly, and fresh rules on car emissions stirring the pot. But, these changes are leading to just as many opportunities as they are leading to challenges.

Geoff's big message? It's time for dealers to get chatty with politicians, team up tighter with car makers, and really listen to what people want in their rides—not just what they'll put up with.

Jon Taffer Tells It Like It Is


Jon Taffer, the mind and the mouth behind the hit TV show “Bar Rescue,” hit the NADA stage on Friday to drop some truth bombs about failure. 💣

He pointed out the primary suspect holding most of us back: excuses. He's all about owning up to our mistakes and taking accountability for our actions (or, inactions in some cases).

Taffer's advice? Stop blaming, start accepting, and get moving. He says it's all about transforming our mindset to kick failure to the curb and embrace success.

Read more about his speech here, and follow us on LinkedIn for fresh NADA updates all weekend long.

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