Dodge’s New Electric Muscle

Dodge Decision Time — A. Drive toward greater affordability of electric vehicles. B. Increase collaboration in sourcing, development, and production. C. Add an unnecessary gear shift and electric pipe organ to our next car.
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Dodge’s New Electric Muscle

In case you have not seen a single news source in the last 24 hours, Dodge announced an all-electric muscle concept car, the Charger Daytona SRT. The car will come with a shiftable transmission and a Hellcat soundtrack to deliver a muscle car look, feel, and sound. 

Hellcat. Unlike some other EVs, the Charger Daytona's low rumbling engine tones are not produced by a speaker, but by air pulses forced through pipes. 

Transmission. Transmission is not a required part of any EV. Most only have a single "gear," while some have 2. The number of gears on Dodge's new multi-speed has not been released. With some past muscle by the brand going up to eight-speed and the ICE Chargers having 3 to 4 speeds, the company's withholding the information may indicate a brand new number of gears may come to a perfectly good cup holder space soon.

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