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Bentley is releasing a new luxury product, but it ain't a car.
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Drive Responsibly

Who doesn't love to sport swag showing off your favorite things? Spider-man T-shirts, guitar company hats, or some sandals that look like something outta the Bible.

Bentley has some non-car swag coming, but knowing what we know about Bentley, it's safe to assume most of us cannot afford it. (and we are right)

The luxury car maker is partnering with The Macallan to bring a $51,274 bottle of whiskey to market. The bottle will mark the 200th anniversary of the whiskey maker. The bottle itself is made from recycled bits of The Macallan and actual Bentley vehicles, featuring a copper frame, aluminum ribbon, and some eco-conscious leather resting in an oak inlay case with Bentley's signature walnut veneer.

We assume the whiskey is delicious in a way unexpected from high-proof beverages, but we also guess the effects compared to what you could pick up in 12 aluminum cans down at the Get-n-Go for $15.99.

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