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Ed Roberts: Attitude, Effort, and Delegation

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Ed Roberts: Attitude, Effort, and Delegation

For our inaugural Saturday email, we spoke with Ed Roberts. Officially, he is the Chief Operations Officer at Bozard Ford Lincoln in St. Augustine, FL. Unofficially he is the Chief Reminding Officer for the group. He helps directors, managers, and associates stay aware of the vision they are moving toward in the day-to-day work and planning of the store.

"We say something once and think we're done saying it. Leading people is a lot like family life. You don't tell your wife you love her once and never again. You make sure she remembers."  -Ed Roberts

As the COO, he ensures the team's many strengths complement its many opportunities.

Ed's ability to recognize opportunities is tested and verified. With all too familiar challenges in his early home life and family of origin, Ed wanted something different. While struggling with homelessness, he started visiting dealerships for work and the 2nd door he walked through hired him as a Tech Apprentice.

"I got into the industry like everybody else - by accident." -Ed Roberts

Ed says the last 30 years have been a story of attitude and effort. A person can accomplish anything with enough of the right kind of each.

In 2020, he was recognized as one of the Automotive News 30 All-Stars for his work addressing the Covid-19 outbreak. He helped develop a touchless service for customers that, among other efforts across the industry, protected dealer jobs and the customer experience.

Now, Ed enjoys traveling abroad. A whiskey connoisseur, he says Scotland was one of his top trips. When I asked about "bucket list" trips, he said Ireland and Spain, which, according to rumors, also have a nice amount of whiskey, so we know he will have a good time.

Delegation. Back to the theme of opportunity, Ed shared that delegation has been the ultimate key to growth in his time working and leading. A single person is limited in what they can do, the number of people they can talk to, and the number of tasks they can complete. By mastering the art of delegation, the limiter is off for what they can accomplish.

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