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Europe’s Not A Fan 👎

Why it matters — The rapid OEM moves we've seen since the Inflation Reduction Act became law could be coming up to a new series of twists and turns. We will be sure to report on how they may continue to change the trajectory for Dealers here in the US.
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Europe’s Not A Fan 👎

💢The EU Trade Commissioner has "Concerns" over e-car tax incentives in the US. Now the fun question is, if we take the political jargon and journalese out of this statement, what on earth does it mean?

👮The European Trade Commission says the US's new EV tax credit rules could violate World Trade Organization rules.

⛔The announcement comes after Tesla halted plans to produce EV batteries in Germany to comply with the new US standards.

🔍Valdis Dombruvskis, the EU Trade Commissioner, says his teams are going more in-depth to determine if and what rules have been broken.

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