EV Tax Credits: A Moving Target?

TL: DR - Leaders around the world are concerned the US is being unfair with its EV tax laws. The author of the bill says it was written to remove unfair loopholes. Eventually, dealers will get let in on where these pieces fall, and we will let you know. For now, it looks like more waiting.
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EV Tax Credits: A Moving Target?

Not fans. The US has signaled a willingness to address European and Asian allies' concerns over the updated Tax Credit rules in the Inflation Reduction Act.

Not a fan. The author of the act, Sen. Joe Manchin, is not in favor of what he calls "bending to the desire of the companies looking for loopholes." He expressed hopes the Treasure department will pause implementation of the program until the law's intent can reflect in its application.

Can't please them all. While the act aims to localize energy and manufacturing supply chains, protect national security, create jobs, and reduce dependencies on foreign powers, balancing it within a healthy foreign policy is still on the to-do list.

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