Examining Dealer Loyalty With Rita Proctor

Sure! Every customer is different, but when enough people repeat the same desires, it makes sense to include it in your core practices. Have a good website, find and eliminate time wasters, be a human talking to a human, and invest in a long and happy relationship between customer, car, and dealership.
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Examining Dealer Loyalty With Rita Proctor

It takes about 4 minutes hanging out in the automotive retail world to learn that when Bob Lanham shares an article, you read it. When it is an article authored by Rita Proctor, you read it twice. 

A recent study by Meta found customer experience is the top driver of dealer loyalty. Not only did experience beat out price, but multiple sub-divided aspects of the experience all beat price for the top spots. The article is a must-read, but we wanted to provide an overview. 

Four Experience Categories. 

  1. 💻 The Digital Experience. Customers who self-identified as dealership loyal were twice as likely to express satisfaction with the dealer-led digital shopping experiences. 
  2. The Efficiency Experience. Some of the most significant gaps in satisfaction among all respondents were concerning time.
  3. ☺️ The Human Experience. Feeling respected and knowing you can trust your dealer goes a long way. 

🙏 The Ownership Experience. 92% of loyal customers surveyed desire an ongoing post-purchase relationship with their dealer. From a simple "thank you" note to ownership maximizing guidance, staying in touch builds loyalty.

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