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Short drives, start-up surprises, big batteries, data collection, Buc-ee’s, and raises all around. 📈
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Fast Facts for Fast Readers

EVs Driven Less Than Gas-Powered Models

  • Study Findings: Electric vehicles (EVs) are driven less annually than gas-powered models.
  • Mileage Difference: Fully electric cars show about 4,500 fewer miles per year. The gap is smaller for battery SUVs.
  • Implications: While some are testing the electric car waters, others, namely those who drive a lot, are happy on the shore, where the gas is (metaphors are hard).

Li Auto Surpasses Tesla in China's EV Sales

  • Outperformed Tesla: In October, Li Auto, a Chinese startup, surpassed Tesla in EV sales in China.
  • Unique Offering: Li Auto's edge comes from its SUVs that include a fuel tank to charge the battery, unlike Tesla's battery-only models.
  • Projected Momentum: They anticipate maintaining their sales momentum, with monthly deliveries projected between 41,700 and 42,600 vehicles in Q4.

Volvo Acquires Proterra's Battery Division

  • Successful Bid: Volvo won a $210M bid to acquire Proterra's battery division in the U.S.
  • Strategic Move: The acquisition, pending bankruptcy court approval, marks Volvo's significant step in the electric vehicle sector.
  • Expected Conclusion: The deal is expected to be finalized early next year.

Class Action Lawsuit Dismissed Against Automakers

  • Accusation: Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, GM, and Ford were accused of unlawfully collecting text messages and call logs.
  • Judge's Ruling: A federal judge in Seattle dismissed the lawsuit, stating it doesn't violate the Washington Privacy Act.
  • Privacy Concerns: The decision underlines concerns about data protection in modern cars that collect extensive user data.

Buc-ee's and Mercedes-Benz Partner for EV Chargers

  • High-Speed Chargers: Buc-ee's, a Texas-based travel center chain, is partnering with Mercedes-Benz to install high-speed EV chargers.
  • Chargers by 2024: Aiming for 30 chargers to be operational by the end of 2024, focusing on major Southern and Southeastern transit routes.
  • Accessible to All EVs: The chargers, supporting CCS1 and NACS plugs, will be available to all EV models, not just Mercedes.

Honda Raises U.S. Factory Workers' Wages

  • Wage Increase: Honda is boosting U.S. factory workers' wages by 11% starting January.
  • Competitive Pay: This aligns Honda with competitors like Toyota and reflects UAW's achievements in the auto industry.
  • Improved Benefits: The wage hike includes a faster path to top pay, part of Honda's effort to enhance worker benefits and attract skilled employees.

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