Fixing Engines, Tacos, and Cadillac’s New Vibe

TL; DR - Hyundai and Kia may have celebrated that powerful Q3 a bit early, Taco Bell opens its first EV charger, and Cadillac squares up against Rolls-Royce for the future of Electric ultra-luxury.
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Fixing Engines, Tacos, and Cadillac’s New Vibe
hyundai and kia meme

Hyundai and Kia had a good Q3 but will spend about $2B fixing and replacing old engines. Of course, this isn't part of the companies' long-term plans, but the result of a class action lawsuit combined with a "lifetime engine warranty."

Hyundai will pay half its Q3 profits, while Kia's payment will be closer to 77% of its Q3 profits.

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Taco Bell is now officially a source for EV charging AND America's favorite flavor of Mountain Dew. The company hopes to become a location for charging ahead of EV sales in the US.

The really strange part is data shows the demographic most likely to buy an EV soon is the same as the people Taco Bell already targets with their ads. Do with that info what you want. Taco Bell sure is.  

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GM says its $300K hand-built Cadillac Celestiq is not an attempt to win ultra-luxury customers, but a return to the brand's position as the standard of the world. Of course, if they do win some of Rolls-Royce's customers along the way, they aren't complaining.

The company hopes the focus on customizable craftsmanship will become a new standard for what owning your car means.

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