Fleet Electrification

USPS: We will tell you how many years your EV can last if you take it easy. Amazon: We will tell you how many deliveries your EV can last if you go hard all day everyday because next day delivery 👏is 👏not 👏a 👏joke!
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Fleet Electrification

Each day we receive undeniable evidence that despite the best-constructed arguments for slowing down, the auto industry is marching, or well maybe "whizzing," toward EVs. Recent news shows more interest in electrification in USPS and Amazon delivery fleets. 

📫 🔋USPS originally planned for about 10% of their new fleet to be electric. New numbers say closer to 50% of the vehicles produced to replace the 1987-era vehicle in service will be EVs. While the plan includes 50k custom-designed New Generation Delivery Vehicles (NGDV) by Oshkosh Defense, an additional 34k will be "off the shelf" vehicles from commercial automakers. 

📦 🏃Amazon, between launching rockets and buying part of the American health care system (for real, do you even listen to The Automotive Troublemaker?), has time to electrify part of its delivery fleet. Rivian's R1Ts have already been seen delivering packages nationwide. The vehicle sound truly made for the work with auto locks, subscription fee-free cooled seats, camera-assisted 360-exterior visibility, and a whole heap of other safety features. Bezos announced a deal with Rivian in 2019 that now has over 90,000 miles and 430,000 packages logged as tests for the updated fleet.

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