Ford: Recalls and Heaters

TL: DR - Ford had the most auto recalls in 2022. The house-powering feature of the F-150 Lightning has proven itself. Eventually, Ford EVs could replace bonfires at outdoor get-togethers.
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Ford: Recalls and Heaters

Ford has a few things to report.

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An award nobody wants... Ford holds an unfortunate record for 2022. The company issued 67 recalls, the most for the year. The following highest number issued was just 45, by Volkswagen. Daimler Trucks (42), Stellantis (38), and Forest River Inc. (35) rounded out the top 5. Powertrain issues were 12 of 67, and "back over prevention" tech was 8 of the 67 recalls.


Testing the theory. We were all a little confused when OEMs started talking about using their EVs to power our homes. Like, sweet, but we don't know anybody who asked for that.

An F-150 Lightning owner in Canada says after a winter storm knocked out power, the truck kept his home powered for two days with battery life to spare. Ford was the first to the bidirectional charging party and said people could expect 3 days of energy, which now has proven itself in the field.

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Speaking of cold weather. Ford filed a patent for an external heating feature for EVs. Designed as a space heater on wheels, the patent suggests it as a safe way to heat a garage or outdoor space. With news of cold preventing Teslas from charging, the feature could resolve an issue not yet discovered for Ford EV owners.

The design is so simple it is hard to call it a design. Essentially, the cabin heater would offer an intensity level that heats a small external space when the windows are rolled down. All this without filling your garage with unwanted lethal fumes!

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