Ford’s F-150 Lightning Gets More Expensive

We are not mathematically gifted or anything, but it seems super suspect that all these chaotic factors perfectly added up to a cool $5K for customer’s to come up with. 🤓
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Ford’s F-150 Lightning Gets More Expensive
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This will be the last year Ford produces their half-million dollar GT supercar. People across the country will never adjust to this great loss... Ok, never mind, they are already over it. Let's look at the F-150 Lightning instead.

Ford has increased the entry-level cost of the F-150 Lightning by $5000. It is the 2nd price recent price increase as Ford tries to address rising costs stemming from supply chain issues.

Since May 2021, the price of the 2023 pro model has increased by 30% - from about $40K to about $52K.

Current reservation holders will not be impacted by the price increase.

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