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Friday News

It's been a while since we dropped a song in one of these emails, but we accidentally referenced one, so here it is.


BMW: Steady as She Goes

The wait is over! If you were waiting on yet another EV... but this time by BMW. The Neue Klasse platform is coming with an SUV in 2025 and a sedan in 2026. They just announced it will have bidirectional charging, which is becoming a staple in the grid-conscious EV world.

The company's battery tech promises a 30% speed boost to charging AND increased range and density. Make it smell like lemon, and it's the total package. Also on the way are electric versions of Mini and Rolls-Royce by the early 2030s, with aims for EVs to constitute over half of BMW's sales by the decade's end.

BMW also announced anticipated steady profit margins in 2024 as it peaks in electric vehicle investment.

Across the pond, and then across the other pond

The EU had a 10.1% increase in new car sales for Feb 2024 as compared to 2023.

  • France, Italy, Spain, and Germany contributed significantly to the overall increase.
  • Hybrids surged 24.7% to 28.9% of the total market share.
  • EVs (BEVs, Hybrids, and Plug-in Hybrids) were 48.2% of the month's new registrations.
  • Volkswagen, Stellantis, and Renault, as well as Tesla and China's SAIC Motor, experienced sales growth.
  • Total new vehicle registrations in the EU, Britain, and the EFTA climbed to 995,059 vehicles, with a notable 14% increase in Britain.

China's BYD predicts that new energy vehicles will reach a 50% market share in China within the next three months.

  • The current market penetration rate is 48.2%
  • Price cuts and already low-priced vehicles, like BYD's $9,700 Seagull EV, are causing EV sales to surge.

Another Tiny Competitor (?)

Somewhere in the world is a sea of people who have no immediate plans of raising a family, buying a piano, or getting more than two bags of groceries. For those folks, there is another option coming soon.

Lit Motors is crowdfunding for a novel, fully-enclosed, gyroscopes-enabled self-balancing electric motorcycle. It charges in five minutes for a 170-mile range and can hit speeds up to 100 mph.

The project, led by founder Daniel Kim and a team of elite engineers, also focuses on sustainability by requiring fewer parts and lithium than typical EVs. Preorders are open, with production expected to start around 2026, and prices beginning at $32,000.

Recharge Upcharge

A charging company is offering free charger tech to businesses with no upfront cost; in fact, they share the profit from the charging sessions with the host businesses. Where does the money come from, you may ask? Well, where does money always come from? People in need of goods or services.

FreeWire installs and manages the chargers and even custom brands them for host clients. First up is Chevron, who will add the chargers to some of its locations.

After five years, businesses can own the chargers outright, which sweeten the deal for the host and beefs up the charging infrastructure, a major blockage on the road to wider EV adoption.

Cyber Cell Celebration

Tesla is celebrating a new milestone. Why anybody would want to carry a stone for a mile? We don't know, but we are happy they are happy all the same.

The Giga Texas Factory now produces enough 4680 battery cells to supply 1,000 Cybertrucks per week. They didn't say how many cells that equals, but we like measuring things by the cyber truck. For instance, our weekly coffee budget is 1/5459th Cybertrucks.  


We know tiny vehicles aren’t people’s only rides, and we know that owning one doesn’t mean you’ve given up on having a family. Sometimes jokes are just willful suspensions of what we actually think in order to look at something from different vantage points.

Reading the news lately, we assume none of you are unfamiliar with the concept of “willfully suspending reality.” It’s going around out there.

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