Google Updates Ad Rules

If only we knew a guy — “I think best practice would be ensuring any chat pop up is timed at greater than the full site load, which is when google would stop the artificial inspection of the site. So for most auto sites, that would be making sure the pop up or chat occurs after 45 seconds from initial load. However, I would still be wary. This is, of course, the fast follow from Google on their core web vitals updates we have already seen have had an impact on search across auto.” -Kyle Mountsier, on linkedin.
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Google Updates Ad Rules

🔎Google is updating its rules about ads in search results. 

🚫The goal is to improve the customer experience by filtering out unhelpful or spammy sites. 

✅Most of the rules, such as links to automatic downloads, auto redirects, and generally frustrating or abusive experiences, should not interfere with the dealer's day-to-day business. 

🍾However, the new rules will also hide ads that contain a pop-up which will require adjustments for some dealer sites.

💬Currently, it seems chat window pop-ups will NOT fall under the rule and should be ok.

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