GPT-4 is Out and GM is In

ChatGPT gets an upgrade, and GM gets ChatGPT.
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GPT-4 is Out and GM is In

On Tuesday, OpenAI released the latest version of their chatbot, GPT-4. For only $20 a month, subscribers will have access to all of the newest tricks that the AI has picked up in just a few short months, such as:


Improvements in the AI’s ability to analyze and interpret images. For example, the language model can be shown a picture of cooking ingredients and asked what can be made with them, and it will respond with multiple options, ending the age-old debacle of, “I don’t know, what do you want for dinner?”


More reliable, creative, and better able to handle nuanced instructions. Better reasoning skills to parse puzzles and offer a more accurate response.


GPT-4 is also way smarter than its predecessor. It comfortably aced most standardized tests, scoring in the 93rd percentile for the SAT reading and writing tests, and the 99th percentile in the Uniform Bar Exam (up from GPT-3.5’s 87th and 10th percentile results). 

ChatGPT has also piqued the interest of GM who is exploring the use of the technology in its vehicles, and now we can’t stop daydreaming about becoming our very own Knight Rider. If GM doesn’t rebrand the AI bot to KITT, we will never forgive them.

The technology will be used to enhance the in-car experience by enabling more natural language interactions between drivers and their vehicles. Finally, someone to talk to on those long, lonely road trips!

The automaker hopes to roll out the feature by 2025. By then, your car will be smarter than most people you know. And it will probably tell better jokes, too.

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