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Grand Theft Auto 6

Back in 2013, GTA5 did a good job of giving players a tense, dramatic experience that felt like Breaking Bad with punchlines. Now we just watch the evening news for that.
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Grand Theft Auto 6

A grueling 9 years after its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto 6 has finally given impatient fans details to look forward to. The M-rated crime drama series has a history of high-stakes stories centering around driving and fighting everyone and everything possible. The new one is no different. 

🗺 ☀️A Return. Fans of the series will be excited, but maybe unsurprised, to hear the game's setting will be the Miami-themed Vice City.

🤷‍♀️ 🏦A First. Reportedly taking inspiration from Bonnie and Clyde, GTA6 will be the first to feature a lady criminal as a playable character. Another first for the series is a plan to expand the playable area over time with updates. 

Release Date. 2024 at the earliest. Sorry, yall.

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