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Happy Retirement, Mike Fahey!

Maybe we’re wrong, but it seems you don’t make it 41 years on the job without a strong character AND a good work environment. This is a win in both categories, to say the least!
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Happy Retirement, Mike Fahey!

Most dealer stories are easy to write. They have one subject and one event. This one is more challenging because there are two things to celebrate disguised as one big party. 

Along with the rest of the Gates Automotive Group team, Michael Fahey is celebrating retirement after 41 years with the group. 

In his time with Gates, it became common for clients to tell Mike what they wanted and leave the rest in his trusted hands. In response to his upcoming retirement, the group honored him with a party called Fahey Fest. Over 200 people, including associates, customers, and friends, came to pay tribute to Fahey's years of dedication and steadfastness. 

It is Mike's retirement to celebrate, but Gates had the joy of seeing him off with gratitude.

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