Happy Wednesday

Ford, BYD, Ferrari, Bentley, and Stellantis.
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Happy Wednesday

Someday, you may be able to pick up your tiny Ford EV with your flying Stellantis Archer. We aren’t sure why you would, but people are putting speakers under the hood of Ferraris to make them roar, so it seems we are just trying anything that comes to our mind these days.


Ford Thinks Small

Ford announced its Skunkworks project a while back and says the plan will bear fruit by 2026. Targeting EVs with a base price of around $25K, the initiative is a reaction to a looming influx of cheap Chinese EVs.

So far the project has a compact SUV, small truck, and talk of a ride-hail service vehicle based on its lithium-iron-phosphate battery platform.

They want to hit profitability within a year of launch despite sitting on $5.5B in annual losses in their EV segment.

Speaking of Chinese EVs...

BYD is at the door and jiggling the knob. The global EV leader is extending its presence into previously under-tapped markets like Thailand, Brazil, and Indonesia. Essentially, it is making up for the decision to skip some Western markets for now by building momentum abroad. How much momentum does it take to make an unstoppable object?

Ferrari and Bentley: A Tale of Two Companies

Ferrari pretty much does whatever it wants, and now that includes staying the course to its first all-electric launch in Q4 2025. So, while others are slowing down, Ferrari is focusing on delivering an EV experience that will satisfy their core audience with performance and an iconic, be it artificial, engine roar.

  • The brand says it expects hybrids and EVs to make up 60% of its sales in 2026.


Bentley, on the other hand, has announced a delay in its first EV launch to late 2026, with deliveries pushed to 2027 due to software and platform challenges.

  • This postponement affects Bentley's timeline for a fully electric lineup, now set for 2033.

Final, Flying, and Free

Stellantis/The Verge
  • Audi reaffirms its EV strategy with the final combustion engine vehicle expected in 2026, aiming for parity in profitability between its electric and combustion models by the decade's end. Despite anticipating lower sales in 2024, Audi is executing an austerity program to sustain its financial health amid transitional challenges.
  • Stellantis has solidified its belief in the future of flying cars by investing over $39 million in eVTOL company Archer, aiming to commence manufacturing of Archer's aircraft by 2025. This venture highlights an ambitious diversification strategy within the automotive sector .
  • Rivian has unlocked access to Tesla's Supercharger network, offering its customers a free adapter to facilitate this integration. This move, mirroring Ford's earlier strategy, exemplifies a growing trend among EV manufacturers to leverage Tesla's extensive charging infrastructure, enhancing the charging convenience for their customers.


Knowing all you do about your fellow drivers, are we, as a species, ready for flying cars?

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