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Hiring Slows And Grows

TL;DR — Hiring is down across many sectors over economic fears. Those stats highlight the fact that the renewable energy sector is kinda booming.
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Hiring Slows And Grows

Every time somebody says "recession," a hiring manager throws a pile of resumes through an open window and into an idling wood chipper. Why not just use a paper shredder, you may ask? We don't know. We just tell it like we saw it.  

Amid a year-over-year 8.3% hiring downturn in July, some industries managed to stay in the green, while others hit double-digit drops. Linkedin looked at 20 major US industries and reported relevant movements:

Utilities jumped up +7.2% 
climbed +2.9%
Admin and Support
rose +2.0%
Real estate
slipped -12.1%
fell -16.7%
Farming, Ranching, and Forestry
dropped -19.5%

A deeper look at the growth in the Utilities sector shows much is in renewable energy companies. Kirk Crews, CFO of Florida's NextEra Energy, said surging fuel prices are helping renewables become a more economical form of energy production. The company currently has 1,600 job openings it is working to fill as interest in solar and wind power grows along with Florida's population.

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