Industry Round-Up: Ford, Rivian, and Fuel Economy Standards

New Lightning, Rivian’s Good Q, and MPG Fines. 👮‍♀️
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Industry Round-Up: Ford, Rivian, and Fuel Economy Standards

🚗 Ford F-150 Lightning Flash Trim 2024

  • Features: Extended range, 15.5-inch touchscreen, and a heat pump for better battery performance in cold days.
  • Price: $69,995, positioned between the Lariat and XLT models.
  • Range: EPA-estimated 320 miles, nestled between Standard and Extended variants.
  • Cold Weather Solution: Heat pump combats battery drain in chilly climates.
  • Future Outlook: Despite price surges & cancellations, the Rogue Electric Vehicle Center's reopening hints at better delivery rates. Ford aims to offset its anticipated $4.5 billion EV losses in 2023.

"We heard people are really hurting for more affordable options... sooooo we made a fancier version of one of our priciest models... you're welcome."

🌱 Rivian's Q3 Deliveries Report

  • Achievement: Record Q3 EV deliveries, surpassing Wall Street's forecast.
  • Delivery Stats: 15,564 vehicles delivered (a 23% hike from Q2 2023).
  • Production: 16,304 vehicles were produced in its Normal, Illinois facility.
  • Stocks: Shares dipped over 2% on Monday.
  • 2023 Target: Ambition to roll out 52,000 EVs, including Amazon delivery vans and the R1T & R1S models.
  • Financial Moves: Staff cut by 6%, $1.3 billion convertible notes sale, R2 platform launch deferred to 2026.
  • Cash Reserve: $10.2 billion as of June 30.

People get a little excited when they see an Amazon van, "What if my memory foam ALF slippers are in there??" and such. Rivian getting associated with that dopamine spike is a pretty great plan in the long haul.

📜 Biden's Fuel Economy Standards Proposal

  • Potential Impact: Hefty fines for auto giants as fuel economy requirements are increased
  • Fines Forecast: if the automakers do not keep up with the change.
  • General Motors: $6.5 billion
  • Stellantis: $3 billion
  • Ford & Volkswagen: Roughly $1 billion each
  • Council's Stance: The American Automotive Policy Council finds the penalties "alarming" and has petitioned the U.S. Energy Department for a "Petroleum Equivalency Factor" reassessment.
  • Compliance Cost: Detroit's big three could incur significantly higher per-vehicle compliance costs than other auto manufacturers.

This is one of those "rock and a hard place." situations where the consumers will either get better gas mileage OR higher prices to offset the cost of these fines. #SoManyOptions

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