Industry Round-Up: Renault, GM & Honda, Lexus and Bolt

Renault's EV intros, GM & Honda call it quits, and Lexus starts up its own giga-stamp. ⏸ ✋⚒
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Industry Round-Up: Renault, GM & Honda, Lexus and Bolt

🚀 Renault's EV Ambitions

  • Investment: $3.2B by 2027.
  • Aim: Introduce eight new vehicles and boost EV sales globally.
  • Newcomers: SUV named Kardian and hybrid pickup Niagara.
  • Strategy: Reduce European market reliance.

🤝 GM & Honda EV Project Shelved

  • Joint affordable EV project paused.
  • Reason: Business feasibility concerns.
  • Still committed to: EV market and other collaborations.
  • Industry Concerns: Tesla's price cuts and softening demand.

🎉 Lexus's Future EV - LF-ZC

  • Debut: Japan Mobility Show.
  • Launch: 2026.
  • Features:
  • Super-low drag.
  • High range (~620 miles).
  • Gigacast structure.
  • Tech highlights — prismatic batteries & steer-by-wire.
  • Design — similar to 4th Gen Prius.

🔄 GM's Bolt Back from the Brink

Dall-E 3/ASOTU
  • Initial plan: Discontinuation.
  • New Decision: Revamp due to sales surge.
  • Upgrades:
  • LFP batteries.
  • Tesla-compatible charging.
  • Enhanced motors and software.
  • Benefits: Riding on Bolt's popularity and significant cost-saving.

TL;DR: Renault is on a shopping spree for EVs 🛍️, GM and Honda had a "not you, it's me" breakup over a joint EV project 💔, Lexus made a super-fancy Prius doppelgänger for 2026 🎩🚗, and GM did a dramatic U-turn on ditching the Bolt 🔄💡.  

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