Industry Round-Up: Tesla, Honda and Hyundai

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Industry Round-Up: Tesla, Honda and Hyundai

🔌 Tesla & Hilton Power Up!


Hilton partners with Tesla, rolling out 20,000 Universal Wall Connectors across 2,000 North American locations.

👀 This mega-move rockets Hilton to the top in the EV charging scene. Planning an electric road trip? You won't have to sleep in a Target parking lot this time!

🔋 Honda Hitches to Tesla's Charging Train!


Honda's hopping on board the EV express, embracing Tesla's NACS for its 2025 fleet. Riding alongside giants like Ford and GM, they're gearing up with a CCS-NACS adapter to plug into Tesla's Supercharger grid.

💳 Hyundai Kona's Wallet: Hyundai Pay!


Hyundai's 2024 Kona debuts "Hyundai Pay," a nifty in-car payment touch. From reserving a parking spot with "Parkopedia" to paying for your latte, it's all just a screen-tap away.

With digital security an obvious requirement, Hyundai's trying to make paying at the drive-thru as confusing as "tap to pay," but while you operate a heavy machine. Yay!

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