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Integrity Auto Group Partners To Give back

From the point of view of the participant, this is pretty dope, too - pay $50 for a car OR the satisfaction of helping children escape poverty and housing insecurity. Fantastic work, Veneeca and Integrity!
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Integrity Auto Group Partners To Give back
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Often the early steps on the road to a better life are missed amid stories of the early struggle and ultimate victory. The truth is a lot of families who have overcome poverty and displacement ate a few dinners on the floor, spent a few months with their clothes in boxes, and had to make choices between utility deposits and things many of us have the luxury of taking for granted - brooms, dish soap, washcloths, etc.

Veneeca Jeffries works with ForKids in Chesapeake and carries a reputation for selflessness. Recently, Ms. Jeffries came up with a plan to meet the needs of families moving from shelters into their new homes. With her own money, Veneeca drove to Integrity Auto Group to buy a car for a raffle. At $50 per ticket and 500 up for grabs, the plan is to use the resulting $25K to fill U-Hauls with cleaning supplies and household items for transitioning families.

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Surprise surprise. Instead of accepting her money, the Integrity Auto Group donated the car to the cause. They will host the raffle on Saturday, November 26th, at 8 am.

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