International OEM Action

TL: DR - Toyota is doing well in India, Hyundai is fully electric in Norway, and you could buy between 3-5 of BYD’s new EVs for the price of a Tesla.
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International OEM Action

Toyota had its highest yearly sales figures in a decade... in India. The company sold over 160K cars in the country, rising 22% over 2021's sales, but missing the all-time record for the nation by about 12K units.

On the heels of this big news, Toyota reported a data breach in India. So, haters, indeed, are gonna hate.

Hyundai will sell only EVs from now on... in Norway. Since 2020 the company has only offered EV and hybrid models in the country, but has removed hybrid options as of January 1, 2023.

In 2022, around 92% of the OEM's sales in the country were EVs, so it's less New Year's resolution and more New Year's Inventory Strategy. Norway reported in 2022 80% of auto sales were electric, making them the world leader in per capita EV adoption.

BYD's Dolphin is winning the affordability game... in China. It is a compact hatchback aimed at young, tech-savvy buyers. The EV has a 249-mile range and costs just $16.7K.

Currently, no BYD cars are available in the US as company leadership prioritizes investments in tech over US expansion.

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