Investments To Know

TL: DR — Bosch is getting into hydrogen power, Toyota is catching up to battery power, and scientists are working on replacing both with ceramic power. Fun times!
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Investments To Know

🌊 🚚 Bosch will invest $200m in a fuel cell stack factory in South Carolina. An existing plant will be expanded to include 350 new jobs supporting fuel cell production as part of the company's transition to new powers like electric and hydrogen. Production will begin in 2026. 

Why? Bosch already has a deal with the electric truck maker Nikola Corp. The EPA's proposed emission cuts for heavy trucks have accelerated the timeline for such truck makers and their suppliers. 

🔋 🏭 Toyota is looking to sink an additional $5.9B into its EV production. The investment will open new facilities in the US and Japan between 2024 and 2026. Once completed, the investment will boost the company's battery production by 40 gigawatts-house per year. 

Why? The announcement follows critical claims the company has been slow to enter this needful avenue for EV adoption. So, you know, probably that…

🪴 🥼 The University of Michigan has received an $11M grant to study ceramic EV batteries. The technology has received limited research but could double battery range and completely negate the risk of battery fires in future EVs. Ultimately the goal is the development of solid-state batteries as a replacement for the expensive and difficult-to-source lithium-ion technology. 

Why? Developing and controlling the future battery will be great for whoever manages it. (This section is here because the other two sections have a "Why?")

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