Jamming On Monday

Tesla, Ferrari, China, and Avvenire.
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Jamming On Monday

Opinions are like trumpets; not everybody has one, but those who do always want you to know about it.

So, we covered a few opinions floating around near some actual news today. We promise not to become opinion-oriented, hit-piece-producing, “spin” doctors.

We will leave that to the folks who fill your Facebook feed. 😂l


Tesla Goes Bad?

Ok, so everybody has opinions, and we don't usually report on them, but this one was headline news in several places, so we grabbed it.

Apparently, some folks in the know are forecasting a dramatic drop in quality hitting Tesla soon. CEO Elon Musk is cutting jobs and changing plans all over the company, with self-driving and robotaxis capturing his attention for the moment.

The number of jobs being cut, specifically from those responsible for the company's charging network, is expected to send ripples of declining quality through every branch of the customer experience. Remember, almost all major auto brands are partnered with Tesla for charging network access, so it isn't just Cybertrucks left in the lurch but pretty much anybody who adopted an EV because the charging infrastructure was finally able to accommodate their needs.

Ex-The Verge contributor and current InsideEVs editor-in-chief Patrick George interviewed two former Tesla employees about what they think the public should expect.

Ferrari Go VROOM?


Friday, we wrote about GM catching flack for ditching Apple CarPlay and Stellantis, going so far as to say they would go back to ICE models if consumer preferences shift that way. Today, we read Ferrari is releasing two new V12 models to keep its traditional customer base happy.

The 12Cilindri and 12Cilindri Spider are priced around $425,553.25 and $468,647.25, respectively, and pull inspiration from the 1950s and 60s style with modern 830 horsepower engines.

While they still plan to release an all-electric vehicle by 2025, innovation in e-fuels helps them keep bringing the fans what they want while staying within EU regulations.

China Goes Global?

While we're at it, here is another opinion.

At the recent Bejing auto show, GAC president Feng Xingya said Chinese automakers are in danger of falling behind in the EV market. As hybrid tech, innovation, price cuts, and market expansion put European, American, and other Asian cars in China, local brands are losing ground they held by default before.

While innovation and "The Price War" are not abandoned, GAC and other Chinese automakers are looking to expand into other markets through ambitious export goals to stay competitive.

Meanwhile, Nio Inc. is kinda killin' it right now. The company reported a 134.6% increase in deliveries in April which bumped their market value by 20%.

  • Li Auto dropped in April
  • Xpeng and BYD increased

So it seems as if the Chinese automakers are in trouble... most of them don't know it yet.

Seniors Go... Wherever They Want?


You've seen electric cars, you’ve seen fully covered electric motorbikes, you've seen.. whatever the Cybertruck is... Now! Get ready to see the future of the retirement community.

Avvenire has introduced the Tectus AWD Electric Mobility Scooter, specifically designed for seniors, which has features like dual-motor all-wheel drive, ensuring performance across various terrains. The scooter includes an enclosed cabin with climate control, a backup camera, and GPS, enhancing safety and comfort.

Notable for its market innovation, the Tectus also offers wireless charging and versatile cargo options, making it a significant advancement in the mobility scooter market, which is projected to grow robustly.

Did the gig economy just gain a new hiring pool?


While we’re looking for untapped markets have we considered making a real Mario Kart? Could sell electric go-karts, put rejected weapon ideas on them, add a lane to all interstates for Combat Racing.

Imagine the service lane opportunities.

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